Early Series Portraits, PORTRAITS

“Compose your own PORTRAIT.” Worldwide

In his series of portraits, Thilo Hoffmann asks people from all walks of life to “present themselves in their world.” They choose the location, the composition, the right shot and, finally, the title of the picture. A moment tells a whole story.

The creative idea behind the portrait and the directing of the photo shoot is in the hands of those who choose to be in the picture.
The artist’s personal and direct approach creates portraits, which show a warm and optimistic side of humanity – from the bio scientist in Sri Lanka who surrounds himself with plants, to the designer in Zurich, carefully staging his presentation to the last detail, or the architect at the shores of Lake Constance, who proudly presents his motorcycle.

Roman Elsener, New York 2004
Writer and Journalist

Selected Portraits

Thilo Hoffmann

The portraits from this series were taken by Luzia Broger and Jonas Hildalgo