About Thilo Hoffmann

Tapping into Creativity

In his work, Thilo Hoffmann defines a clear framework, then leaves the stage and the directorial tasks to everybody who likes to get involved.

By handing the instruments of creativity over to his participants, Hoffmann has produced a body of work that interacts with its audiences in a beautifully diverse way.

In his MoMA curated series of 30 SECONDS films with staff and members of the New York art institution, or his series of PORTRAITS of artists, Thilo Hoffmann demonstrates a unique ability to connect to people in all places of the world, channeling their creative input into his projects.

By giving away his role as director or photographer, he unleashes the participant’s creative potential. “Their engagement grows, reflection sets in, and ultimately very personal and surprising pieces develop,” says Thilo.

New York, November 2013