“Compose your own PORTRAIT.” Worldwide

Publication of the series ARTIST PORTRAITS, 2022

With “FIFTY ONE (SELF) PORTRAITS” Thilo Hoffmann invited contemporary artists to create a PORTRAIT of themselves. “You at your location, in your time and world. Compose your own PORTRAIT.” These were the only directions given to the artists who were open to working with the Swiss based multimedia orchestrator. 

Only one parameter was added to the work: The person in the portrait is half the size of the picture. The setting that each artist chose is thus gaining momentum, giving the viewer a glimpse into the portrayee’s world. 

Hoffmann dedicated 14 years to assembling “ FIFTY ONE (SELF) PORTRAITS”, and approached artists, traveled all around the world to meet with them and take their portraits. The images are accompanied by texts narrating the depicted scenes and written by authors chosen by the artists or by the artists themselves.

The result is not only a publication and an exhibition, it is also a grand piece of art in itself.

For more details about the FIFTY ONE (SELF) PORTRAITS, visit the website of Artist Portraits.