PROJECTS (2001-2008), The Big Picture

Add your strokes to a Picasso. Paint THE BIG PICTURE.” Dresden (2008)

An interactive art experience

What drives people to create, draw, paint, or communicate? What is art, what does it consist of, how is it created? In an entertaining way, Thilo Hoffmann addresses these questions in his project “The Big Picture” with kids.

In a first step, the young students learn about the life of a master artist (in Dresden’s instant, Pablo Picasso) and are introduced to one of his paintings, shown on a huge canvas. It not only shows the masterpiece, but also a school class in front of the original painting at the MoMA New York.

Thus inspired, the kids pick up the pens that come attached in satchels at the bottom of the canvas. Now, they let their creativity take the helm, using the same tools the master used to express himself: colors and rulers.

A camera films the youngsters at work. The individual contributions of the kids quickly merge with the photograph on the canvas and the artists original work into a new, big picture.