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Gertrud Lydia and Walter liked to travel. Walter documented the trips with diapositive photography, and he put his wife into every shot.  But very unlike today’s selfies, where you have heads in the foreground and a bit of landscape in the background, Getrud Lydia is […]


“Compose your own PORTRAIT.” Worldwide Publication of the series ARTIST PORTRAITS, 2022 With “FIFTY ONE (SELF) PORTRAITS” Thilo Hoffmann invited contemporary artists to create a PORTRAIT of themselves. “You at your location, in your time and world. Compose your own PORTRAIT.” These were the only directions […]


What constitutes a masterpiece? When is a painting “an essential corner stone“ of an artist’s career? When does a drawing provide “a unique look in to the soul“ of an artist, and when is it just a scribble? In true form, Thilo Hoffmann, always looking […]


“Spinning Cotton into Gold.” Winterthur (2020) Once upon a time there was a yarn spinner, the last one in the whole country, all other spinning mills had already closed their doors: The government was too strict with the country’s strong currency, and too much competition […]


“Tracing the ephemeral.” Dresden (2020) An ephemeral museum accessible to the public on the main square in Dresden only for one day, yet an experience which is meant to leave a trace to the population of city. All along the perimeter of the Non-Museum, a […]