30 SECONDS (1999-2011)

“Direct your 30 SECONDS of film.” Worldwide

30 SECONDS is the title of a series of film project made by Thilo Hoffmann that explore the fascinating and often complex diversity of the human individual through the strict, reductive and arguably objective medium of the 30 SECONDS video-clip.

Thilo Hoffmann delegates a creative aspect of his series “30 SECONDS” to people all around the world. If you want to make a short movie, you get to create a story – yours or any other.

The artist steps into the background. He handles the camera, if you wish so, and provides the tools and the editing. Content, music and the directing are left to the people whose worlds Hoffmann and his camera – politely – intrude.

The impressively inventive stories are introduced by a still shot of the “director”. Hoffmann then adds date and location to the opening shot.

Since 1999, Hoffmann has collected about 400 such short movies, drawing from material from all over the globe. We leave the cab driver in India to visit a drummer in Sri Lanka, watch a surfer in the Caribbean, or ride a roller coaster in Brooklyn.

30 SECONDS experiences a new dimension when created by a number of people from a shared environment. Given the same context these movies correlate with each other.

Hoffmann has thus found a unique way of portraying an organization. The members of a team each present an individual side while at the same time creating a collective piece of art.

Roman Elsener, New York 2004

Writer and Journalist

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