“What is your other self?” Worldwide

How do we decide on a name? What message shall the name reveal? What impact, what emotions should the name create in those who hear it – and what does the name we pick reveal about ourselves? As with most of Thilo Hoffmann’s work, the artist asks the participants to dig into their own creative potential, and to contribute the essence to the work that the artist has framed in strictly set parameters.

Resulting are photographs that show an inventive, funny, personal humanity, people who dare to dream, even if it is only on a small piece of paper.

“If you talk about names, people start to talk about their family, heritage, culture, and the discussion is launched. Names connect people, one name leads to the next, they grow into a community.”

Thilo Hoffmann

The photographs of Pseudonym 60+ Years Old were taken by Linn Schaub.